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Most pet owners really love their pets a lot. They want them to be well treated and cared for. That is why DIY (do it yourself) pet care products and accessories have become so popular. DIY care is more economical than using the services of a professional pet care provider and you can be certain that your pets are getting the best care possible.

Good DIY pet care is easy to provide and will certainly have a higher quality if you have access to good pet care advice and use good products and accessories. Pets have many needs that a responsible pet owner must consider. Your pet always needs to have good food and plenty of fresh water. Your pet's hair has to be kept in a good condition. It needs to be periodically brushed, occasionally trimmed, and has to be cleaned, whenever the need arises. Your pet's claws, may need to be kept at a reasonable length. Your pet's minor health, problems need to be treated. All pet lover want their pets to look and feel their best. DIY pet care is a good step in that direction.

The Youtube video on the left covers some of the bare essentials of good DIY pet care.

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Pet Grooming Accessories Dog Groomed
Pets can cause problesms constantly shedding hair and getting their hair tangled or clumped together. This is especially true if a pet spends a lot of time outdoors. To keep these problems under control, you need to, at regular intervals, gently and thoroughly brush out all of your pet's hair. This is true for both cats and dogs. This will also help maintain their well-being and healthiness.

Outdoor dogs seem to get dirty more often than cats so they require more frequent grooming. Different accessories (different types of brushes and combs) are needed for different types of pet hair and problems. If you use the correct grooming accessories and have a gentle touch your pet will learn to enjoy and look forward to this experience.

For a very complete description of pet grooming needs check out the following Wikipedia entry about dog grooming.
Pet Hair Trimming Accessories Dog Hair Cut
A pet's hair can become too long and get tangled or clumped together. This means that occasionally its hair will need to be trimmed. If you are not afraid to try this you will not need to spend big bucks on professional pet groomers. With the proper accessories you can easily do this task yourself!

Your pet will look the way you want it to. It is important to wash and dry your pet's hair before doing anything else. Then brush the hair and fully fluff it out. Large dogs require larger clippers than smaller pets. Start from the neck and slowly work your way down. Trim in the direction of the hair's grain, not against it. Avoid any possible sore areas.

Just be careful and take your time. If the clippers begin to get hot stop and let them cool down. Trim off only little bits of hair at a time. Do not panic if you do make a small mistake. Just remember that your pet's hair will grow back in a few weeks!

If you decide to use scissors to trim your pet's hair and want a few tips before you start visit the following DIY site: Trimming Pets with Scissors
Pet Hair Cleaning Accessories Dog in Water
Cats seem to take good care of themselves and normally don't need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dogs do. Your pet's fur can get dirty, smelly or tangled, especially if it spends a lot of time outdoors. Except in cases of emergency, please do not use human shampoo on your pet's hair. They are much too harsh too harsh for pets. It will not properly maintain the ph level of your pet's skin and may even dry it out.

Normally many dogs can be bathed with plain water most of the time and with a pet shampoo a few times a month. Smelly dogs need more frequent bathing. Special pet shampoos can repel fleas, de-odorize your pet or be anti-bacterial or anti-fungal.
Pet Paw Accessories
Cats Scratching
Your pet's claws, especially if it is an indoor cat, need to be kept fairly short to lessen the damage scratching can do to furniture, clothing, and wooden door frames. In cats, scratching, serves many useful purposes. Generally speaking declawing an animal has serious consequences and should only be done as a last resort.

Scratching is the natural way pets try to keep their claws from growing too long. Helping them keep their claws short will lessen their natural need to scratch.

There are two ways to do this. The first way, and probably the best way, is get a good scratching post. If you are handy you can build a good one yourself. Cats will soon learn and love to use it on a regular basis. The second way is to carefully and regularly grind or clip their claws with safe accessories designed for that purpose.
Pet Health Care Needs
Pet Health
Our pets often can develop minor health problems that we can treat ourselves. These include removing fleas & ticks, certain parasites, and treating minor skin problems. Some skin problems can be the result of a poor diet. Others may be serious.

If a problem persists you need to see your veterinarian! Many vets have a policy where they set aside a certain amount of time for free phone consultations and you can always get free advice from your vet whenever you bring in your pets for their periodic vaccinations.

If you pet runs away or gets lost you may want to keep track of where it is. Be sure your pet's collar is sturdy and has easily readable ID tags. At a minimum the tag should have your pet's name and your telephone number on it. Many pet owners have sub-dermal RF ID tags implanted in their pets. You can also install portable GPS locators on your pet's collar.
Pet Love
DIY pet care does not have to be expensive. Check out simple home based ways to care for your pet at:

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